1. Create Your Team: A group of six or more registered participants constitutes a team. Designate one person as your team captain (probably yourself), choose an original team name, and you are on your way to success! Create Team

  2. Develop a fundraising goal for you and your team, and encourage each team member to set their own goal too.

  3. Customize Your Team: Secure a corporate team sponsor to customize team banner. Think of fun costumes or accessories to customize your team.


  1. Be a great example. Start by making your own donation toward your team’s goal.

  2. Grow your team. Start with people who are close to you, but don’t stop there! You never know who is interested until you invite them to join your team! Ask family members, friends, neighbors, business associates, and others in the community (your favorite waitress, doctor, mail carrier, therapist, teacher, etc.) If a person is unable to join, ask for a donation.

  3. Encourage your teammates to spread the word at work and invite others to join your team or to start one of their own. Contact potential teammates in person or by phone, through social media, via e-mail or through the mail - hand-written notes are especially powerful!! - include a photo of the person with Down syndrome who inspired you to get involved with the Buddy Walk® . Explain why the Buddy Walk® is important to you, why you are involved and why you would like them to be involved.

  4. Encourage everyone to register online

  5. When you have recruited your team, hold a team meeting to get your members involved and excited. See how successful they have been collecting pledges, and use the information included in this packet to provide ideas for further fundraising and encouragement.

  6. Promoting Your Team’s Participation: Churches and Temples can be involved by posting information, handing out brochures and accepting donations after services, making announcements from the pulpit, and including announcements in weekly bulletins or internet postings. Leave a donation can or envelope in the lobby or coffee room. Encourage team members to utilize company newsletters, email, bulletin boards, paycheck stuffers, etc. to advertise your team.


  1. Contact all of your members on Thursday or Friday to remind them of the event and that it will take place - rain or shine.

  2. Arrange a place and time for all to meet: Team Areas are on first come, first serve basis). You CANNOT meet at the Registration Tables!!!! When your members have arrived, collect any cash or check donations and bring it to the TEAM REGISTRATION TABLE. This is also where you will pick up your team’s shirts! NO shirts will be given out to individuals that are pre-registered on a team! IF Team Shirts are not picked up by 10:45 am, they will be given out to people registering the day of!!!!!


  1. Thank your team members and sponsors. It is important to stay in touch with your sponsors throughout the year and let them know how much you appreciate their involvement and commitment. A card with a picture of their “Buddy” is a great way to keep their hearts with you.

  2. BE PROUD of your contribution -- YOU have made a difference!!!