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Brain Gym Seminar

  • Hilton Garden Inn 1501 S Neil Street Champaign, IL, 61820 United States (map)

Brain Gym® & Mind-Body Learning Skills in Education


Brain Gym® is a series of simple and enjoyable movements performed in an intentional way which optimizes functioning of the brain.  The 26 movements contained within the Brain Gym® 101 course are safe and effective for people of all ages, and have been utilized by thousands of practitioners in over 80 different countries to bring about dramatic improvements in many areas of life - organizational skills, memory, concentration, attention, reading, writing, communication, physical coordination for exercise/dance/sports, group dynamics and performance. Results can be immediate and the positive effects of doing Brain Gym regularly are cumulative.

Registration deadline is April 15th!

This one-day seminar will teach you how to improve:

  • Academic skills - reading, writing, spelling & math
  • Memory, concentration & focus
  • Physical co-ordination & balance
  • Communication skills & language development
  • Self-development & personal stress management
  • The achievement of goals both professional & personal

Course Objectives:

To present and teach inspirational, effective, holistic learning skills for adults/children which facilitate and maximize whole-brain function and potential using fun, dynamic movement exercises and understanding of cutting edge neuroscience. Topics will cover:

  • The functions of the triune brain, the importance of water and how the mind, emotions and body connect and communicate.
  • How stress can affect learning.
  • Coherence and Incoherence - The importance of heart-brain coherence in life and learning.
  • Intentionality & Entanglement – How we effect each other.
  • Explanation and demonstration of the basic Brain Gym exercises and other mind-body energy techniques.
  • Explanation and demonstration of exercises that assist specifically in reading and writing and comprehension.
  • The process and experience of the 5-step Balance protocol.
  • Experiential participation.
  • Feedback. Questions and answers.

At the conclusion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the connection between movement and whole brain learning.
  • Understand the underlying connections between teacher and learner that can promote or inhibit development of the learner.
  • Understand and perform PACE to support brain organization and readiness for learning.
  • Experience first hand the effects of the Brain Gym® movements, and other exercises demonstrated which can be immediately applied as help for stress management for adults working with students at all stages of development, especially those with developmental challenges. 
  • Identify factors and activities that can create challenged versus integrated learning.


  • Individual/Parent/Caregiver - $25
  • Professional* (includes CEUs) - $50
  • Lunch - $10
  • A limited number of scholarships are available for DSN members

*Includes CEUs accredited by the Illinois Regional Office of Education.

Teacher & Practitioner of Brain Gym® & Life Skills in Education

Tanya Simmons has been a practicing and qualified therapist and teacher for over 27 years. Her delight in finding Brain Gym®/Edu-K led her to in-depth training in the UK, along with a BA degree in Professional Education Studies, achieving an Honours Thesis in Brain Gym®. Tanya's fascination with the mind-body relationship has led her to pursue a never-ending discovery of present cutting-edge information in brain/body communication and development. 

Tanya's own life story is a testament to the efficacy of these techniques which she imparts with joy and enthusiasm. She promotes the belief that we each possess all the resources within to make the changes that we want in our lives and draws that out. Tanya sees through the barriers to personal growth in a non-intrusive way and will help you tap into your full potential in a fun and safe environment.Tanya loves working with adults, teens, and children to create and share strategies for self-development, growth, and learning improvements which can easily be used to promote self-confidence, independence, and positive change.She uses Edu-K/Brain Gym® and other mind-body exercises in private practice or in teaching forums to facilitate bringing people back into balance during times of stress - be it at school, home or office- so that what was once a challenging situation, which required new learning, becomes a natural, joyful and positive experience.

She lives in New Orleans with her husband and children, runs a private practice and teaches nationally and internationally.

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