Our Mission

The Champaign County Down Syndrome Network operates as a not-for-profit organization serving families who have members with Down syndrome in Central Illinois. The DSN offers support to families by providing current information for parents, professionals, and the general public. We also reach out to new parents and try to raise awareness of Down syndrome in our community.

  • We believe the NDSS states our values as well (from their website)

  • We respect the rights, abilities and potential of people with Down syndrome

  • We believe that people with Down syndrome should have the opportunity to make choices affecting their lives

  • We respect and support the role of families in meeting the needs of people with Down syndrome

  • We value the efforts of our members in the support they provide to people with Down syndrome and their families

  • We value excellence in the quality of education, research and advocacy provided to our members

  • We value diversity in our board, staff, volunteers, and membership

We hope you will join us!