Local Resources

Larkin’s Place at the Y - Stephen’s Family YMCA   www.sf-ymca.net

Champaign County Birth to 6 Council of Families and Agencies  www.ccbirthto6.org

Child and Family Connections #16    1-800-877-1152

C-U Special Recreation www.cuspecialrecreation.com

United Way    www.uwayhelps.org

Crisis Nursery  www.crisisnursery.net

Developmental Services Center    www.dsc-illinois.org.  Enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing services and supports which enable them to live, work, learn, and participate in their communities.

The Autism Program  www.theautismprogram.org

Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department www.c-uphd.org

Chambanamoms    www.chambanamoms.com  Where CU-area moms will be able to find and tap outstanding local family and parenting resources, and will also come together online and off for community, commiseration and, most of all, friendship.

Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse  www.eiclearinghouse.org

Illinois and National Resources

Clearinghouse on Early Education & Parenting ceep.crc.illinois.edu

Illinois Assistive Technology Program www.iltech.org

Special Olympics Illinois   www.soill.org

Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center   www.fmptic.org

Best Buddies  www.bestbuddies.org  Dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment.

Illinois State Board of Education www.isbe.net

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities   www.nichcy.org

Project Choices  www.projectchoices.org“Children Have Opportunities in Inclusive Community Environments and Schools” vision is that all districts create an inclusive system that results in maximum opportunities and outcomes for every student.

The Arc  www.thearc.org For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Voices 4 Kids www.voices4kids.org  Champions the full development of every child in Illinois to assure the future well-being of everyone in the state. We work with families, communities, and policymakers across multiple issue areas to help children grow up healthy, happy, safe, loved, and well-educated.

Social Security and Disability Resource Center www.ssdrc.com  Provides answers to questions about how to apply for disability, how to appeal if denied, how to navigate the federal system, and how to avoid certain mistakes that are commonly made. Simple Dollar (http://www.thesimpledollar.com/disability-benefits-guide/) also has a guide to SSI benefits.

National Down Syndrome Society  www.ndss.org  Benefits people with Down syndrome and their families through national leadership in education, research and advocacy.

National Association for Down Syndrome www.nads.org  Based in Chicago offering information, support and public awareness.

National Down Syndrome Congress www.ndsccenter.org  The mission of the NDSC is to provide information, advocacy and support concerning all aspects of life for individuals with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation www.dsrtf.org  Dedicated to finding a treatment to improve cognition including learning, memory and speech for individuals with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome International  www.ds-int.org  A federation of international organizations and individuals committed to ensuring the quality of life and human rights for all people with Down syndrome.

Word Down Syndrome Day  www.worlddownsyndromeday.org  (March 21st)

Area DS Support Groups

Gigi’s Playhouse - Bradley/Bourbonnais  www.gigisplayhouse.org/bradley-bourbonnais/

Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization www.cidso.org  Serves Bloomington, Normal, and the greater McLean county area

Heart of Illinois Down Syndrome Association   www.hoidsa.org  Serves the Morton and Peoria area


Down Syndrome Health Issues www.ds-health.com  Dr. Len Leshin’s website which contains a collection of articles and healthguides and other information for parents. Dr. Leshin is a noted pediatrician, as well as father to a boy with Down syndrome.

Brian Skotko MD, MPP   www.brianskotko.com  Dr. Skotko is a specialist in the Down Syndrome Program at Children's Hospital in Boston and brother to a young woman with Down syndrome. Blog and other great info.

Special Education& Federal Law

Down Syndrome Education Online  www.down-syndrome.org  Offers a comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date range of information, resources and services for families, practitioners and researchers caring for, supporting and investigating Down syndrome.

Wrightslaw    www.wrightslaw.com  Provides advice and seminars on special education law and advocacy.

IEP4U www.iep4u.com Makes an IEP easy, streamlined and efficient with 4000 goals and objectives. 

Other Resources and helpful information

DS Specific Books


Council for Exceptional Children www.cec.sped.org  Vision and voice of special education.

The Adaptive Sports Foundation   www.adaptivesportsfoundation.org  Located in Windham NY, promotes physical activity for children and adults with disabilities by offering winter programs for recreational skiing, snowboarding, yoga, and personal fitness.

Parenting Special Needs   www.parentingspecialneeds.org  The online magazine serving the special needs community.

The Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup Can http://www.Oralflo.com be used by anyone who experiences difficulty in swallowing pills, including children, adults and seniors. 

Amtryke (Bikes for Children with Special Needs)   www.ambucs.org/amtryke

iCan Shine (f/n/a Lose the Training Wheels)   www.icanshine.org

Tattoos With a Purpose    www.tattooswithapurpose.com  Temporary tattoos that say “If I am lost, please help me be found” with a semi-permanent marker to write your name and phone number inside tattoo.

Specs 4 Us  www.specs4us.com  Eyewear specially designed to fit children with Down syndrome.

Create-a-Reader www.create-a-reader.com A literacy program that takes a student from beginning reading to a third grade reading level.

Starfall www.Starfall.com  A learn-to-read website primarily designed for first grade, but also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. 

Teaching Tools ChallengingBehavior.fmhi.usf.edu/tools.html  Intended to assist teachers in problem-solving a plan to support young children who are having challenging behavior. 

CVC Flashcards www.softschools.com/language_arts/phonics/games/cvc_flashcards.jsp Online reading practice for the kids.

The Speech Bin  www.SpeechBin.com Your single best source for books, computer software and tests, and materials for persons of all ages who have special needs in: Speech, Language, Hearing and Listening, Stuttering, Voice, Autism, Sensory-Motor, Skills, Cleft Palate, Aphasia, Dementia, Swallowing

Love and Learning www.LoveandLearning.com/home.shtml Our technique and materials (DVDs, audio tapes, books and computer programs) help Infants and Toddlers with Language and Reading development.

HandSpeak www.HandSpeak.com A subscription service to learn sign language on-line. 

Signing Time www.SigningTime.com/products Two Little Hands productions offers a wide variety of American Sign Language (ASL) fun and educational products for baby, toddlers, children and kids of all ages.

TouchMath www.TouchMath.com The leading multisensory teaching approach that bridges manipulation and memorization. Educators often think of it as mental manipulatives. Students interact with numbers on paper by seeing, saying, hearing and touching numbers as they arrive at the right answers without guessing. They learn math facts by using auditory reinforcement, flashcards and timed tests. Though they sell materials, there is no need to purchase anything. There is a link to download worksheets. Just ignore the grade level set up and use those that meet your child's ability level. 

Star Net Family Fellowships www.TheCenterWeb.org/starnet/fund-fellow.html  Family Fellowships are used to reimburse parents for the expense of attending workshops, seminars or conferences. Parents can be reimbursed up to $200.00 per year.   Preference is given to in-state events.