The DSN 15th Annual Buddy Walk theme is 3…2…1…Color Me Awesome. Be ready to have fun with colors!

Help us promote awareness, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome by leading your Team on our one-mile advocacy walk!  

As the Team Captain, you will recruit teams members and get them registered, collect donations from family and friends and sponsorship(s) from local businesses.

Team Competitions

Friendly competition is encouraged between Teams to become the team with:

  1. Most Registered Walkers
    By October 3

  2. Most Dollars Raised
    By October 3

  3. Most Sponsorships of $100 or more
    By October 3

  4. Most Buddy Walk Spirit
    Teams participating in the Spirit Contest will be chosen by an independent judging panel on October 5 at the Buddy Walk.

Securing Sponsors

Please help us secure Sponsors!  Our continued success depends on sponsors. Over 90% of all money raised directly benefits DSN members.

Every $100 sponsor adds up quickly!  

Here are some tools to use while soliciting sponsors:

  • TRY! Solicit sponsors via email.
    Here is a sample email (.html format) for you to personalize and send emails to potential sponsors. Copy and paste into an email. Remember to look for and complete all of the >insert information< portions of the text. If you would like to add a graphic to your email, here is a banner to use.

  • NEW! Sponsorships can be confirmed and paid by credit card online.

  • FACE-TO-FACE WORKS GREAT! Many studies prove that face-to-face interaction usually leads to a successful sale. Here are the sponsorship letter and sponsorship confirmation form for you to print and hand-deliver. On the sponsorship confirmation form, remember to write in your Team Name.
    Sponsorship Letter (.pdf) Sponsorship Confirmation Form (.pdf)

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Once you build your team and send your picture, a personalized graphic will be created for you to use on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Here is a banner you can use to promote the event. Buddy Walk Banner (.png) >>>>>>

Team Reports & Team Standing

Here is a summary report of the teams. If you would like at who is registered for your team, click on the (Select a Team) field and click on your team name. Enter the password emailed to you when the team was created.

Team StandingS

(as of September 26)

Most Walkers

  1. Wesley’s Warriors (55)

  2. Maroons & Chargers (53)

  3. A Team (45)

  4. Team Tommy (36)

Most Dollars Raised

  1. Maroons & Chargers ($3,363.03)

  2. A Team ($3,360.78)

  3. Trenton’s Team ($2,833.30)

  4. Team Katelyn ($1,787.27)

Most $100+ Donations

  1. A Team (14)

  2. Trenton’s Team (10)

  3. Maroons & Charger (9)

  4. The Few, The Proud, The Maureens (8)

>> Team Report emailed to Captains on September 27.

Important Deadlines

  • Sept. 16: Banner/Walk Route Sign Order Form due

  • Sept. 16: Last day to order t-shirts

  • Sept. 16: Last day to get sponsor logos on shirts and banners

  • Oct. 2: Online Registration CLOSES

  • Oct. 5: Pick up team t-shirts

 Questions to:  

Order Banner/Walk Route Sign

Deadline is September 16.
Each individual with Down syndrome will have a walk route sign.
A minimum of 10 team members is required to receive a team banner.