Banner/Walk Route Signs

Please complete this order as soon as possible. 
Order and artwork must be received by September 16.


Teams must have a minimum of 10 members to receive a banner.

All teams or individuals with Down syndrome will receive a walk route sign.


Email photo to buddywalk@champaigndsn.org by September16.  

Photos must be at least 1 MB in size - the larger the better.  To find out the size of your electronic photo – right click on the photo, scroll to properties and then scroll down to size. There are approximately 1,000 kilobytes (kb) in one megabyte (mb).

Please name your photo file with your child's name before emailing it.  This will help the production agency ensure the correct name is on each banner with the correct photo.  Example: 
        DO:  AndrewMoseley.jpg   
        DON'T:  19843245623.jpg

If you want to use last year's photo or the billboard photo, please email buddywalk@champaigndsn.org with permission to do so. 

If you have more than one individual with Down syndrome on your team, please send an individual photo for each person. 

If you have a team sponsor, please provide organization's name as you want it to appear.
Please provide full name, age, and city for your individual(s) with Down syndrome